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Tagmin provides solutions for talent agents. Tools designed to save time and money by streamlining your workflow and linking your world – your talent and contacts – and the projects that connect them. 

Launched 10 years ago, Tagmin quickly became the system of choice for agencies of all sizes – providing a centralised hub in which to do your work. It’s comprehensive collection of tools, ease of use and value for money is unrivalled.

Tagmin is now part of Spotlight and the wider Talent Systems family, which brings together first-in-class software solutions for the entertainment industry. Agents using our solutions enjoy numerous integrations with Spotlight, that reduce their admin and save them time.

The Tagmin system is used by a wide variety of agencies, large and small, new and established – we cater for them all and celebrate the fact that no two agencies are the same.


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We’d love to welcome you to the family of agencies that use Tagmin. Many agents have used Tagmin elsewhere, so a demo is not always necessary, but if you would like to see how Tagmin can support your agency simply fill in the form below. Our demos are online and normally take around 45 mins plus questions. They allow us to get to know the needs of your agency, show you around the core tools, answer your questions, and demonstrate how Tagmin can simplify your days! 

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    Unrivalled features and value for money

    Agents often talk about Tagmin like it’s a member of their team – in that way it offers real value for money.

    We charge per user – and we discount all additional users – to help support you as your agency grows.

    We also offer Lite accounts for those agencies that have part time staff – these offer an additional saving.

    Track your admin with ease

      • Applications for representation
      • Everything you need in one place
      • Client Availability
      • Filters & Searches
      • Project tracking
      • Submissions
      • Availability Checks
      • Scripts
      • Auditions, Tapes & Meetings
      • Recalls
      • Pencils
      • Offers
      • Jobs
      • Contracts
      • Invoices
      • Payments
      • Reports
      • Contacts
      • Mail
      • Texts
      • Website syncing
      • Tasks

    What's included

    • Live online training when your agency starts on Tagmin
    • Ongoing phone and email support
    • Access to hundreds of support articles and videos
    • Software & system upgrades
    • Daily backup of your database
    • Tagmin accounts for each of the talent you represent
    • PC and Mac compatible

    User info

    First User: This is a superuser – it can control what your other users have access to although additional users can also be assigned as superusers too. A single user can be shared, but can’t be used by two people at the same time.

    Additional users: We offer a discount on all additional logins, supporting you are you grow. If you want to add additional users during the year you just pay pro-rata to your renewal date.

    Lite users: The same features as full Tagmin accounts but limited to 100 days of access across a year. Only available alongside a ‘First’ user.


    A family of tools to compliment your core Tagmin system


    Converts, compresses, titles, stitches & organises all your tapes


    Additional bespoke tools for those representing Voiceover Artists


    A bespoke system to track projects in pre-production


    Message your talent from your computer screen


    Processes all your applications for representation


    Updates all the client info on your website!


    Additional bespoke tools for those representing Supporting Artists


    TagRep streamlines how performers apply to your agency for representation, and makes it much easier and faster for you to find the right talent, process those applications and gives you the tools to ensure all applicants get a response.

    TagRep is now available as a module on it’s own to all agents – including those who do not yet use the core Tagmin system!

    Agents have already been signing up for TagRep and the feedback has been fantastic:

    “Tagrep is a game-changer!” Bloomfields Welch Management
    “It’s saving us loads of time and no one gets missed who needs a response” Feast Management

    “TagRep is an absolute joy and will save us all so much time!” Harvey Voices
    “TagRep is proving invaluable” Andrew Harding Management
    “We’re loving this new sleek system for reviewing applications!” Atius Management
    “TagRep has revolutionised the speed and efficiency of receiving new applications!” 33 Artist Management 
    “TagRep has significantly streamlined the process of reviewing applications, saving so much time.” PD Management
    “A really useful tool.” Aston Management

    If you don’t yet use Tagmin you can apply for the service here.

    If you already use Tagmin you don’t need to apply – simply login to Tagmin and follow the links.

    If you have any questions please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.


    We thought there should always be an easy way for any casting team, casting any project, to be able to inform all involved that a role is now cast – so that, by some means, all actors always receive a Yes or No.

    In line with this we worked with casting directors Anna Dawson & Amy Blair to build a #YesNo tool – free of charge – and open to all – regardless of whether they use Tagmin or not.

    The system allows casting directors to quickly, simply and securely update actors when the status of a role has changed – even if the project is covered by an NDA. 

    It’s not been created to replace existing forms of communication and feedback ‐ but to specifically offer a solution to those projects where actors were not being told that they had not got the job – or progressed further.

    If you are a casting director wanting to use YesNo and you would like a demo, just email

    If you are an actor or agent and you have received a key to track a role go to:

    This tool was designed following demos to and feedback from representatives at the CDG, CDA, PMA, CPMA & Equity Scotland.


    Tagmin was created ten years ago by Misha von Bennigsen and Benjamin Miller.

    Benjamin trained as an actor and went on to play leading roles in the West End, at the Royal Exchange and at many other well known theatres throughout the UK under the name Benjamin Warren. He co-founded The Actors’ Guild and created the role of Lead Agent at Actorum – the UK’s first cooperative. It was then he spotted the gap that Tagmin would later fill. Misha studied at Bristol University, setting up his own company shortly after graduating, offering bespoke websites, domain registration and servers, as well as CRM and database systems. He later expanded into offering video editing and authoring services to the industry.

    In 2014, combining their skills, they created Tagmin. Since then it has become the system of choice new and established agencies alike, including 87% of PMA Artists’ Agents, over 84% of the CPMA and 94% of AYPA members. The system is now used globally by agents across the EU (including a German language version) as well as in the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

    From its very first iteration, Tagmin has always integrated with Spotlight – part of the Talent Systems family – the leading technology solution provider to the entertainment industry. Since then Tagmin has been on a journey of continual development, expanding the core system as the industry evolves, whilst at the same time creating key add-on tools, such as TagTapes, TagWeb, TagProjects and TagVoice – as well as it’s free #YesNo tool.

    In 2023, nine years after launching, Tagmin joined Spotlight and the wider Talent Systems family. This natural progression, with an existing partner, ensures even greater service and security for Tagmin’s customers long into the future – and enables Benjamin & Misha to both increase their voice as the agent’s advocate within the industry, and to fully focus on their relentless vision to find solutions for agents and the talent they represent.

    Misha von Bennigsen
    Co-Founder & Director of Technology
    Benjamin Miller
    Co-Founder & Creative Director
    Connie Baumann
    Customer Success Manager
    Brandon Eaglestone
    Support Specialist
    Spencer Osborne
    New Business Executive