We understand your world and make you the centre of ours…


Talent agents use Tagmin to tag together all their admin – streamlining their workflow and linking their world – their talent and contacts – and the projects that connect them.

We’re an independent company, and a friendly team from within the industry, who are relentless in our vision to find solutions for agents and the talent they represent. All of our tools are designed to offer much more value than they cost. Created just seven years ago, Tagmin quickly became the system of choice for both the biggest agencies in the UK and the smallest – and all the other sizes in-between! Its comprehensive collection of tools, ease of use and low cost is unrivalled, leading to the vast majority of agencies now using Tagmin – including over 85% of PMA Artists’ Agents.

Tagmin is used by a mixture of agencies wanting to move to us from older systems and those who use no bespoke software at all – we cater for them all and celebrate the fact that no two agencies are the same.


Joining Tagmin in 2022

We’d love to welcome you to the family of agents that use Tagmin. To get the ball rolling simply use this form to request a demo. If you would like a live demo these normally take between 45-60 mins and often book at least 7 days in advance. They allow us to get to know the needs of your agency, to show you around the key tools, to answer your questions and demonstrate how Tagmin can streamline your workflow and simplify your days!

We onboard agencies at set times each month, and spaces are strictly limited, so forward planning is essential.
Click here to email us to find out when our next intake is and to book your move.

Unrivalled features and value for money

Agents often talk about Tagmin like it’s a member of their team – in that way it offers real value for money.
We charge per user – and we discount all additional users – to help support you as your agency grows.
We also offer Lite accounts for those agencies that have part time staff – these offer an additional saving.
All of this means those who move over from other systems save a lot of money, and enjoy many more features at the same time.
We work relentlessly to develop the system – as well as find solutions to new problems as the industry evolves.
All our customers automatically receive these updates as soon as they go live.

Track your admin with ease

  • Clients (talent)
  • Availability
  • Filters & Searches
  • Submissions
  • AV Checks
  • Scripts
  • Meetings
  • Recalls
  • Self-tapes
  • Pencils
  • Offers
  • Jobs
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Reports
  • Contacts
  • Mail
  • Texts
  • Calendars
  • Tasks

What's included

  • Free training when you move to Tagmin
  • Secure access from any PC or Mac
  • Free App version for both Android and iPhone
  • Free Tagmin account for your talent to update their profile, upload their tapes and update their availability
  • Integrated mailing system
  • Free UK based phone & email support
  • Two backups per day
  • Free software updates and new features

User info

First User: This is a superuser – it can control what your other users have access to although additional users can also be assigned as superusers too. A single user can be shared, but can’t be used by two people at the same time.

Additional users: We offer a discount on all additional logins, supporting you are you grow. If you want to add additional users during the year you just pay pro-rata to your renewal date.

Lite users: The same features as full Tagmin accounts but limited to 100 days of access across a year. Only available alongside a ‘First’ user.


A family of tools to compliment your core Tagmin system


Converts, compresses, titles, stitches & organises all your tapes


Additional bespoke tools for those representing Voiceover Artists


A bespoke system to track projects in pre-production


Message your talent from your computer screen


Updates all the client info on your website!


Additional bespoke tools for those representing Supporting Artists

Self-taping simplified

TagTapes removes the technical hassle from self-taping and allows your talent to upload their completed tapes directly to your Tagmin account ready for you to approve:

Converts the Tape to the industry standard – MP4
Encodes the tape so it’s not too big for the Casting Director
Allows you to stitch together multiple clips into one video
Automatically renames the file ACTOR-ROLE-PROJECT.MP4
Lets you rename the file if needed
Alerts you when a new tape arrives from your clients
Lets you watch and approve the tape in Tagmin
Lets you remove and reorder scenes if needed, before resaving the tape
Tells to clearly where each tape needs to end up, a clear list showing you which tapes have been approved, which have not been sent out – and where they need to go
Allows you to create Playlists for the Casting Director, when more than one of your clients is taping for the same project
Adds a link to your client’s Spotlight CV next to the tape, along with your full agency branding
Allows Casting Directors to watch the tape before downloading
Tells you how much of the tape the Casting Director watched
Tells you when the tape was downloaded


There should always be an easy-peasy way for any casting team, casting any project, to be able to inform all involved that a role is now cast – so that, by some means, all actors always receive a Yes or No.

In line with this we worked with casting directors Anna Dawson & Amy Blair to build a #YesNo tool – free of charge – and open to all – regardless of whether they use Tagmin or not.

The system allows casting directors to quickly, simply and securely update actors and agents when the status of a role has changed – even if the project is covered by an NDA. 

It’s not been created to replace existing forms of communication and feedback ‐ but to specifically offer a solution to those projects where actors were not being told that they had not got the job – or progressed further.

The system works a little like tracking a parcel, when the casting director emails the actor or agent with the audition information, they include a link that allows them to track the status of that role – OPEN or CAST – along with a note giving more information. Actors and agents can also add their email address so that when the Casting Director updates the role status – they get an email automatically. This way actors can do their casting and then forget all about it, until they either progress further – or get told it’s not gone their way – with the aim of better mental health for all.

If you are a casting director wanting to use YesNo and you would like a demo, just email [email protected].

If you are an actor or agent and you have received a key to track a role go to:

This tool was designed following demos to and feedback from representatives at the CDG, CDA, PMA, CPMA & Equity Scotland.