Why Us?

Why us?

It’s easy to have a good idea; it’s a lot harder to turn that idea into a successful product. This takes a combination of relentlessness and flexibility; we are relentless in our vision but flexible on detail – after all no two agencies are the same!

When we set about building tagmin, we started with the needs of agents and worked backwards from there. Whilst we are aware of our competitors, we obsess about our clients – and it’s this that makes the functionality of tagmin different from anything else available.

We work vigorously to earn and keep your trust. We do this by continually innovating, by offering real support and by genuinely listening to your needs.

We believe tagmin gives you more and costs you less.

And then there are all the things we don’t do! We have no minimum order policy, we don’t charge for support or hosting and we don’t charge for ongoing developments.


Reliable and secure…

You need to know that your account, and the information within it, is not only secure, but also accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

We only use HTTPS secure servers – this means when you log in to your tagmin account you enter a ‘secure session’. This ensures your data is encrypted before it is sent to our servers.

We also run a system of server ‘mirrors’, to ensure that, in the unlikely event a server goes down, a duplicate server will take over automatically to ensure you have access to your tagmin account 365 days a year.


We run a full-time UK-based support office devoted to our clients.

You’ll be able to contact us quickly on the phone through our dedicated support line and via email Monday to Friday 9.30am-5.00pm (GMT).

We not only know everything there is to know about tagmin, but also understand the quirks of the entertainment industry.

What about my existing data?

Transferring data manually is an unenviable task so we’ve built a feature that imports data from your existing database programmes to tagmin.

We can also import all your contacts from many other databases so that you are ready to use tagmin as soon as you login.