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Tagmin links your world – your contacts and clients – and the projects that connect them. Talent’s availability, submissions, castings, pencils, offers and jobs, invoices and payments combine with powerful search and reporting tools – dramatically cutting down on repetitive admin.

With tagmin there is no need for dedicated servers in your office, a heavy instruction manual or setup fees. What’s more you can access it on any internet connected device. It’s Mac and PC compatible and available, in full, on your desktop and any tablet or smartphone at no extra cost.

Tagmin organises workflow into seven categories that all interact with each other: Daybook, Clients, Bookings, Contacts, Mail, Calendar and Reports.


Your agency can have as many or as few tagmin accounts as you require. The more you have, the more you save. Agents can setup tagmin to manage just their own list or ‘all clients’ within your agency. You can also dictate which users have access to what parts of tagmin.

Additionally you can offer your clients access to their calendar so they can update you with their availability automatically.



Your daybook provides you with an overview of your day ahead – a snap shot of your agency at that moment.

Tasks, castings, pending offers, unsigned contracts, self-tapes you are waiting on, overdue invoices and payments due are all clearly visible.

Your calendar is also available through your Daybook, providing access to both your diary and the diaries for each of your clients, which also contain important information such as availability, first nights and birthdays.


Save time…

  • Import and update clients’ professional details directly from Spotlight (including photos, appearance, skills and CV credits).
  • All the submissions you make on Spotlight appear in your Tagmin account automatically meaning you can turn these into auditions easily and send them onto your clients, via email or text, with the click of a button.
  • Advanced search capabilities – quickly search for any skills and other casting criteria and match this to client availability.
  • Manages all your clients’ submissions, availability checks, self-tapes, auditions, recalls, pencils, offers and jobs – whilst simultaneously updating client’s calendars. (Your clients can login to their free Tagmin calendar and update you with their availability automatically).
  • Easily track the status of your client’s meetings – and get automatic reminders for clients who have not got back to you and need chasing.
  • Imports your client’s Spotlight CV data onto your headed paper to create ‘instant’ CVs.
  • Tagmin provides an easy and comprehensive platform from which to manage your accounts.
  • View reports and graphs showing the number of clients in work as well as auditions secured and commission paid.
  • Raise, check and chase invoices – tagmin will remind you to send invoices and alert you as soon an invoice becomes overdue.
  • Manages the payments you receive for clients, automatically calculating your commission, VAT (if applicable) and any agency splits.
  • Copy, edit and add to payroll from week to week, making payroll for your clients quick and efficient.
  • Generates payment statements for your clients and sends them out automatically.
  • Links to your bank account for automatic payout to clients.
  • Generates reports (in excel, word and PDF) for multiple accountancy purposes such as income, income projection and commissions league tables.
  • Manage and assign day-to-day tasks, and get auto reminders about important dates such as first nights and clients’ birthdays etc.
  • Store and send passport scans, licenses, showreels, audio files, photos, CVs and important documents using your tag-cloud – a cloud based storage solution for each of your contacts and clients so you can access and send files from any internet connected device.

…and that’s just the beginning!

Find out why more agents use tagmin than any other agent software in the UK with a free online demo.